Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) admitted that the collapse of its web platforms over the Easter weekend was due to a cyber attack.

In a statement explaining the implications of the situation, it said that the origin of the incident was due to a malware attack aimed at its headquarters in Switzerland.

“After extensive research, we confirmed that it was limited to a limited number of physical computer systems in Geneva only and determined that it was a malware attack based on a targeted designed vulnerability. According to industry standards, we have shared the malware with our technology partners so that mitigations are not only available to us,” the company said.

MSC made it clear that it “is well aware of the ongoing threat of cyber security in the shipping industry and we adopt all necessary security protocols in all our communications and business transactions.

“In addition, we are in the process of continuously evolving our internal IT systems from both a software and infrastructure perspective”.

The shipping company reiterated that during the outage, its global agencies, departments and terminals operated without incident and that the situation did not pose a threat to those doing business with its platforms.

“While we consider this incident to be resolved, we are not complacent and remain focused and cautious in our approach to information technology. MSC remains committed to minimizing the risk of systems failure and protecting our business from cyber security threats,” he said.

MSC is now focused on determining the source of the cyber attack, so it did not want to provide further details on this subject.

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