Maersk Line joined Portrix Logistic Software (PLS) to integrate spot pricing into global price management (GPM) software.

PLS noted that GPM “enables greater efficiency, productivity and profitability by providing users with greater control and transparency over pricing and transportation management, with a variety of extensions available to add value and deliver business benefits.

Henning Voss, co-founder and CEO of PLS, explained that “Maersk Spot is an exciting new offering to the market, whereby carriers and freight forwarders can access the latest prices for established routes and book independent transportation 24/7, just as you can book an airline ticket online. The spot product, as in aviation, is a two-way committed product, and these prices are ‘live’, which means they can change quite quickly. Therefore, they are very different from the traditional, longer-term product.

Voss explained that “until now, a customer looking to make a reservation would access Maersk Spot and then leave the tool to compare other options. While they were doing so, prices could change. However, with GPM integration, a user has everything he needs at his fingertips, allowing him to see both competitive spot rates in real time and his contracted prices. Bookings can also be managed directly through GPM, while users can also access information on future departures to see how pricing will develop.

GPM is available to the market through a standard license purchase and through a ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) agreement, by which customers access the online platform.