With the purpose of supporting the management and protection of the maritime user and the naval personnel of the Port Captain’s Offices in front of the sanitary contingency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Maritime Technologies (Tecmar) of the General Directorate of Maritime Territory and Merchant Navy (Directemar) launched the web application “Salvoconducto Marítimo”.

According to Directemar, this new online service allows owners of commercial vessels and companies that carry out activities in the maritime and port area to process laissez-passer using the unique key as a means of validation and delivering an electronic document in a format adapted for mobile phones and with a QR code that allows the controller to validate its authenticity.

Applications may be made preferably by interested parties via the Internet or in person at authorized Port Authorities.

The 22 Port Authorities authorized by the respective jurisdictional Chiefs of Defense are Arica, Iquique, Patache, Caldera, Chañaral, Huasco, Valparaíso, Hanga Roa, Quintero, San Antonio, Algarrobo, Pichilemu, Talcahuano, Coronel, San Vicente, Lirquén, Lota, Lebu, Constitución, Valdivia, Corral and Puerto Williams.