Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) revealed in its regulatory filing that it had entered into an agreement worth a total of USD 209.2 million with a Bermuda shipowner to build two LNG-powered VLCCs, to be delivered in April 2022.

Equipped with S-Fugas, an independently developed SHI LNG supply system, these ships will comply with IMO 2020 which came into force earlier this year and will reduce SOx emissions by 99%, NOx by 85% and carbon dioxide by 25% compared to diesel fuel.

“We see a growing demand for LNG-powered VLCCs in addition to the S-max and A-max tankers powered by LNG. SHI aims to take advantage of more opportunities as we have dominated the market with the advancement of technologies,” said a Samsung Heavy official.

Other SHI technologies, such as Energy Saving Devices (ESD), which improve fuel efficiency by enhancing the rotational energy efficiency of propellers during operation, and SVESSEL, a smart solution for ships, will also be applied to ships.

To proactively respond to the growing demand for cleaner ships in the wake of IMO 2020, SHI has developed a competitive advantage in LNG-fed ships by adopting LNG fuel tanks and engines in different shapes and materials such as ME-GI and X-DF from 2012.