The Colombian Maritime Authority (Dimar) announced that the body of the captain of the ship Spirit of Hamburg, who was allegedly killed by his crew after a fight, was found on the main deck of the ship of the Hamburg Süd shipping company.

In a statement, the Colombian Maritime Authority said that the circumstances of the death of the officer, identified as Myo Tun Zaw (50), a Burmese (Myanmar) national, were the subject of an investigation.

However, the Dimar confirmed that the death occurred around 5 p.m. on Saturday. The ship – which carries the Isle of Man flag – had arrived that same day at about 7.40 a.m. (local) with 21 crew members on board to carry out container loading and unloading operations, at the port facilities of the Regional Port Society of Cartagena.

“At approximately 17:00 hours of the same day, when the motor vessel was still berthed at the dock, a report was received from the Protection Officer of the Cartagena Regional Port Society, informing about the death of the captain, who was found on the main deck of the vessel,” Dimar said.

“The circumstances of time, manner and specific place are subject to investigation by the Colombian judicial authorities,” added the naval entity in reference to the procedure that was adopted – in the first instance – by the Cartagena Metropolitan Police by order of the Attorney General’s Office on Saturday, putting 12 Filipinos as possible perpetrators of the murder.

“The Maritime Authority through the Captaincy of the Port of Cartagena opened the corresponding administrative investigation, in application of Decree Law 2324 of 1984 and Decree 730 of 2004 “By which Chapter XI-2 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974-SOLAS-approved by Law 8 of 1980 is partially regulated”, compiled in the Unique Decree of the Defense Sector 1070 of 2015, regarding the verification and compliance with the plan of protection of the ship and the port facility, actions deployed by virtue of its attributions as authority of the coastal state”, specified the Dimar regarding its participation in the investigations.

“The Colombian Maritime Authority will continue to make its assistance available within the investigations and inquiries currently being carried out by various judicial and administrative authorities with jurisdiction over the events that have occurred, especially by the Attorney General’s Office, ensuring respect for the powers of Colombia as a coastal state so that justice is effectively exercised in our country, in accordance with the national legal system and international public law,” Dimar added.

“The Directorate General of Maritime Affairs has maintained constant communication with the representatives of the shipping company in the Port of Cartagena and has issued the corresponding notifications to the flag state of the ship,” he concluded.