The vice-president of Ocean Network Express (ONE) in Chile, Edwin Escobar, said that if the impact caused by the Covid-19 is extended, the amounts of maritime services will be reduced.

In a conversation with, Escobar explained that “in general, we visualize that due to the effect of the Coronavirus, which extended to the rest of the continents, it has impacted the commercial activity, the purchase orders and, therefore, the volumes of cargo that move in foreign trade”.

“Unfortunately, this situation also impacts on the frequency of services, which have reduced the number of ships and fewer departures in certain weeks compared to previous years. However, we must monitor how commercial activity, transportation, purchases, among others, evolve forward; that is, if the impact of the coronavirus spreads, there will probably be fewer departures in the future,” he added.

As regards the impact of the pandemic on maritime services serving Chile and Latin America, ONE’s local vice-president said that “after the Chinese New Year and also because of the Covid-19, which started in China, there was a drop in cargo volumes from Asia to South America, lower productivity in factories and also in the logistics chain in China, which impacted on having fewer departures from the East for some weeks.

As for the figures recorded during the global health crisis, Escobar said that it is not easy to determine, but that they observe foreign trade indicators that reflect a drop in these operations.

The shipping executive also said that “it is difficult to determine a figure. However, we see indicators in foreign trade over the past few weeks, which show a significant drop in the level of e exchange from 15% to 20% or perhaps more, and our activity is not unrelated to that figure. In general, these activities and their indicators are very interrelated.