Seven ships carrying goods and commodities arrived at Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar, unloading their goods simultaneously.

The Director General of the Ports of Sistan and Baluchestan and General of the Maritime Department, Behrouz Aghaei, estimated the volume of cargo unloaded at 340,000 tons, including wheat, rice and barley.

Considering the impact of the coronavirus on world trade, Aghaei commented that “these ships have been docked at Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar and their cargoes are being unloaded at the port, using most of the modern port equipment and machinery”.

“The volume of the operation of loading and unloading of goods in the port in the current month, from March 21 to April 19, showed a 30% growth compared to the same period last year, whose theme will have a considerable impact on the sectors of economy and employment of this province,” said the director general noted, as for the statistics resulting from the operation of loading and unloading of ships.