Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, Ecuador’s Ministry of Health carried out two health inspections of ships from abroad in the ports of Esmeraldas and Guayaquil.

The first case involved a merchant ship that arrived on these shores from Japan on Saturday, and upon arrival, epidemiological personnel checked the crew without detecting any infected persons. The ship, from Höegh Autoliners, after checks, unloaded vehicles and then returned to Asia.

Meanwhile, the cruise ship Silver Shadow was inspected on Sunday during its stopover in Puerto Simón Bolívar.

According to reports, the passenger ship – which arrived in Ecuador from the Bahamas – did not have any sick people among its 370 passengers and 290 crew members.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Health explained that Contecon, concessionaire of the Simón Bolívar Port, installed a tent in its terminal so that the medical personnel could carry out their tasks and inform about the Coronavirus.

The disease has already left more than 300 dead and 14,000 infected within China.