In the first three months of this year, cargo transport in the three public ports of the Rio Grande do Sul Port Complex (Porto Alegre, Pelotas and Rio Grande) registered a growth of 1.27%, driven by agribusiness and soybean exports, which had an excellent performance in the quarter.

The movement in the period had as protagonist the soybean shipment, a product that presented the number of 1,351,319 tons sent only in the Port of Rio Grande. In the first quarter of 2019, there was a combined movement of the same product of 499,588 tons.

In the Port of Pelotas there was an expressive increase in the movement of wooden logs. With the movement of 242,852 thousand tons in the first months of 2020, compared to the quarter of 2019, which was 199,175 thousand tons, there was an increase of 21.9%.

The basic chemical components for fertilizers were the main products handled at the Port of Porto Alegre. In view of the movement of 55,380 tons in 2019, it can be seen that in 2020 the quarter ended with 112,850 tons, an increase of 103.77%.

Even in relation to the Port of Rio Grande, comparing only March 2020 with March 2019, the positive difference was 30.87%. Considering the figures for the entire quarter, the total cargo transported in this port in 2019 was 7,258,835 tons and 7,295,419 tons in 2020.