Bolivia received a new shipment through the Port of Ilo. This time, it was 6,052 tons of import cargo that arrived in the vessel Biwa Arrow to the terminal that is managed by the state-owned Empresa Nacional de Puertos del Perú (Enapu).

The ship, which is headed for Puerto Lirquén in southern Chile, unloaded big bags of sodium sulphate, neutral and pre-painted steel coils bound for the departments of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba in the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

After unloading, the cargo was sent to warehouse 1 in zone 5 of the Peruvian terminal under the coordination of Enapu and the Bolivian Port Services Administration (ASP-B).

The systematic work of the port operator of the state dock of Puerto Ilo, ENAPU, in constant coordination and follow-up of ASP-B consists of the unloading of the merchandise and transfer to rest areas in warehouse 1 and zone 5 of the Peruvian port terminal for later loading in international transport units destined to Bolivia.

Last shipments

On February 15th, ASP-B managed the arrival of 10,679 tons of Bolivian cargo also to the Port of Ilo through the ship Navios Soleil. On that occasion, the equipment imported by Bolivian businessmen came from the Republic of China and consisted of steel coils, hot steel plates, galvanized steel coils and steel tubes, bound for the cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz.

Also, on February 24, 2020, the Bolivian administrator of port services managed the movement of cargo of 5844 tons through the motor vessel Asia Pearl. To date during this year, Bolivia in a joint effort of the public sector with the private sector mobilized a total of 22,575 tons of Bolivian goods in transit through the Port of Ilo.

In a report published last March by the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), it was noted that during 2019 the mobilization of Bolivian maritime cargo through the ports of Peru increased by 58%, from 383,715 tons in 2018 to 605,185 tons in 2019.