The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), through the General Directorate of Ports and Auxiliary Maritime Industries (DGPIMA), reported the temporary suspension of the tender to operate the cruise terminal in Panama due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The General Directorate of Public Contracting, through Resolution No. DGPCP-DS-056-2020 of March 26, 2020, ordered the suspension of the terms stipulated in the Single Text Law 22 of June 27, 2006, regulated by Law 61 of September 27, 2017, for the various stages of the contractor selection procedure,” the AMP said in a statement.

Thus, “Public Act No. 2019-2-03-0-08-LV-007549, for the Operation and Maintenance of the Panama Cruise Terminal, is temporarily suspended,” added the Maritime Authority.

Regarding the new tender, “we inform interested companies and participants of the approval process, that once the suspension of the act is lifted, the new date for submission of proposals will be established, along with clarifications and consultations,” the statement said.