The fishing industry confirms for another week the supply of fresh and frozen fish products to the spanish population, even if the period of confinement decreed in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis is extended. This has been stated by the crisis committee of the sector which is composed of the Spanish Confederation of Fisheries (Cepesca), the National Federation of Provincial Associations of Retailers of Fish and Frozen Products (Fedepesca) and the National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds (FNCP).

The sector express the urgent need to have the necessary protection material to prevent contagion, both for offshore and inshore crews, and for workers in fish markets and retail outlets. The Committee understands that, as this is an essential sector, national and regional public administrations must guarantee the distribution of detection tests – essential to facilitate the replacement of crews in third countries – as well as masks and gloves for the more than 30,000 crew members and all sales and marketing operators – 25,000 retailers – among whom some cases of coronavirus have already been reported.

Although these protection measures are officially coming with droppings, it is noted the total activity of the fleets in the high seas and a large part of the low seas – even recovering some casualties produced in the Mediterranean in the first weeks of alert and also return to fish some of the shellfish – and almost 100% of the wholesale and retail distribution.