Jan De Nul Group will participate together with LS Cable & System in the connection of the Dutch offshore wind farms Hollandse Kust Noord and West Alpha to the European country’s electricity grid, after awarding the contracts for the supply and installation of high voltage cables in the enclosures.

Jan De Nul Group will be in charge of the transport, laying and protection of the cables that will be designed and manufactured by LS Cable & System. The offshore execution will take place in 2022 and 2023.

The export cable systems Hollandse Kust Noord and Hollandse Kust West Alpha will consist of two AC cable systems of 220 kV each. These four cable systems will cover a total length of 210 kilometres, connecting the wind farms to the Dutch onshore electricity grid near Beverwijk, just north of the Port of IJmuiden.

When operational, these wind farms will generate up to 1,400 MW, enough green electricity to meet the annual needs of one million households.

Dick Lagerweij, project manager of HKN/HKWa TenneT Offshore said that “since the third quarter of 2018, TenneT has prepared project documents for the installation of offshore cables. Five bidders were qualified to submit their proposals and in early 2020 we concluded that the consortium was in the best position to win this contract. Our goal is to complete the entire project by 2023, and the installation of offshore cable, including beach work and the completion of the platforms, is a vital part of the project. We look forward to a positive cooperation.

“We are proud to have been selected by TenneT to take on this project together with our partner LS Cable & System. Our versatile offshore installation vessels are ideal to bring this project to a successful conclusion. Thanks to their high load capacity, our Cable Lay Vessel Isaac Newton will load the cables in Korea and transport them to the Netherlands for installation at sea. Our multi-purpose support vessel AdhĂ©mar de Saint-Venant will carry out post-placement trenching and rock protection works at the underwater crossing sites,” added Philippe Hutse, offshore manager at Jan De Nul Group.